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Today is the day I start to blog!

In a world where so many people share their thoughts for all to read.. what of my thoughts will be worth the read? Not sure.. but here they will be. I am starting out an adventure in my life. One that I knew always lied within me. Often time I tried to deny it did. But now that part, my inner artist has spoken up and refuses to be silenced. I feel as if I am on autopilot. This is just my journey and I must follow it. Today I am creating this blog. If everyday I can go to sleep at night knowing that something came from these hands... and an idea escaped from my brain into reality, I will know it was a successful day. It is amazing to me how much can come from one brain. How much more amazing would the world be if we did not silence our creativity? How amazing could I be if I let these things flow? If rejection and fear did not rule our lives? This is my journey and my quest. I will see what can happen if I push fears, norms, and statistics aside. I do not know where this will take me... but I know it is the path I am on. I will enjoy the scenery, experience as much as I can and work on ignoring my inner critic. Here we go... I am off to make something new today!