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About Me

I am a mom to one fabulously funky little girl, a wife, a full-time small business owner, a friend, a daughter and a new business owner.  But the one thread that runs through all aspects of my life and defines me in every title is that I am an artist. Wow, that feels good to actually write. I think I have always been a creative soul. Although, it is just recently that I dared call myself an artist. It has always seemed like such an elusive and strong statement to make about oneself. Almost a declaration of what you are to your core.

It is hard to self profess this, since I have had years without creating a ‘piece’ or producing any ‘work of art’, I think back and realize now that I was creating, and that being an artist has many forms. I was creating memories for my child, producing a nice home or a meal for my family. At work, I was using my creativity to increase business and to solve problems. I did it all for the energy and joy I get from creating.

I don’t know when it happened, but slowly over time I realized I was the only one that could decide if I was an artist and if I deserved the title. I decided that if I was not yet an artist, then I need to live as one.  Aristotle said ‘We are what we repeatedly do’. If you want to be an artist, do artistic and creative acts. With this in mind, I set out to start my own business and I created Gleeful Peacock. The name symbolizes my two main goals, to be colorful and happy. Although my shop may not have paintings for your wall, it all comes from my creative energy and to me it is wearable art. I love to create pieces with meaning, symbolism or a specific inspiration.

I believe with every part of me that the world can be a more beautiful and happier place if we were all to release into the world the beauty that lies within us.