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A Gleeful Arts Festival

Happy Wednesday, friends!
Today has been an exciting one, we received the first samples of our upcoming apparel line! There is just no better place to launch our new line than among the massive celebration of excited creators and innovators in the Tulsa arts community! Our new line is encouraging, colorful, and inspiring for women of all ages.

 I am incredibly thrilled to announce the Gleeful Peacock Apparel Line will make its first appearance at The Blue Dome Arts Festival this month! 

Look out for an Instagram contest + giveaway!
I can't wait to see you at The Blue Dome Arts Festival on May 16th -18th!

xoxo -Nikki


Coming Soon to Gleeful Peacock!

Hello all!
I am so excited to share that Gleeful Peacock will soon be offering more than handmade jewelry! When I named Gleeful Peacock, I knew I wanted the name to have room to grow. About two years ago, I began sketching up some ideas for inspirational apparel. My vision for the apparel is to be colorful, encouraging, happy and positive... everything that inspires me! I can hardly contain my excitement that this is finally becoming a reality!

Here is a sneak peak at some designs we are working on:

I also love how the apparel line is giving me the opportunity to work with other small businesses and artists. I absolutely love working with awesome creative people that add so much to the project.

Stay tuned... Gleeful Peacock Apparel Coming this May! :) 


Ashley Noelle Photography Features Our Love Story Locket

We are excited to share that Ashley Noelle Photography will feature one of our lockets, Love Story in her Mother's Day mini sessions. Ashley will be in two locations, Tulsa, Ok and Independence, KS.
Contact Ashely and schedule your mini session today!

Capture your loves and you will have a forever memory you will always treasure! 


Flash Sale: Wild Horse Necklace

Flash sale going on now through Friday, April 25th. Get your hands on our Wild Horse necklace for just $18 and even better you also get FREE shipping. I always love free shipping when I shop online. Just give us your email address and we will send you an invoice.

The Wild Horse necklace is 26 inches long. It's adorned with a hand painted pendant extended with a turquoise flower and a terra cotta feather.

Treat your self or Mother's Day is just around the corner!


We Took Over Zooey Magazine on Instagram

We are super excited to share that we took over Zooey Magazine's stream on Instagram yesterday. I am a huge fan of Zooey Magazine, I mean how can you not with all their vintage goodness? It was my dream to collaborate with them and that day has come and I was just giddy over this!

We shared our story through photos. Story telling through pictures? I'm so there! One of my favorite things.

I was laughing in this picture with Kassi from The Threaded Fox. She keeps me giggling with some hilarious stories. 

A good planner, tunes and colored pens? It starts my day off just right!

Go check us out on Zooey Magazine on Instagram!  Not just for our takeover, but for all their lovely posts! Stay tuned for some other fun collaborations we have in store! 

Enjoy your week, all you lovely souls! 



We Conquered Atlanta Market!

We conquered Atlanta market! Casey and I traveled last week to the wonderful city of Atlanta. I love the hustle of market and better yet to have Casey's constant support. Now I am looking forward to squeezing my family tight including my flock. My flock did an amazing job this week keeping every thing running strongly. Thank you for your support. I am grateful.

Here's a recap of our fun whirlwind week:

Our new Charleston necklace for this season.

Here's a sneak peek of what market looks like. It's a total of 3 tall building of wonderland.

One of the best things about market is the new friends I make. We inspire and lift each other. Such a good thing.

New friends are fantastic! This girl and I are planning some great adventures together. Can't wait!

Casey rocks another Charleston necklace. I love how she styled it. We are super excited for our new season  of pretties!

I love to wear different styles. A la southern 50's housewife!

We had a great week and feel peaceful to be back home in Oklahoma. 


Grateful for my Gleeful Peacock Family

Some special family members are missing so this photo is just not the same. 

There's some thing amazing about leaving the studio for a week and know every thing will be taken care of and things will run smoothly. I rely on my girls the same way I rely on my family. While I was away, I felt at peace and at ease to focus on my family in Utah. I appreciate the talented and dependable family that make up Gleeful Peacock. I am thankful for my flock!

Here's a few photos from our week! 

400 hand-stamped linen bags

Creation in progress.

 I relished the beautiful scenery in Utah.

Swinging makes for a perfect day!

Thank you to my Gleeful Peacock family! I appreciate you!