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Sending Out Glee

One of my favorite moments each week with my business is when I can sit and admire a completed set of packages ready to ship out. One reason, is that I feel a sense of accomplishment. But another reason is that I get excited that each package represents to me that someone out there gets what I am doing. That the hours in the studio produce something that someone else wants to bring into their life.

I picture the person they are going to. I wonder if it is a gift or for themselves. I also doodle something on every box and package the leaves the studio. I wonder if they notice, if they think I am crazy or if it makes them smile. I wonder if the post carriers notice and if they wonder what the heck the Gleeful Peacock is. But mostly I send good thoughts with it and a wish that they will be happy when it arrives.

No one ever really says anything about my doodles. But I will keep doing it since it is my way of saying thank you and telling them my heart went into their order.

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A Momma's Inspiration

I am drawn to pattern. I should be since I spent at least half of my childhood in a sewing room or a fabric store. Of course I never complained. Okay maybe a little.. or a lot. But now that I am older I love fab may even hoard it a wee bit. For a while now I have wanted to figure out how to blend it with my current line. It has always been a fleeting thought and I never took the time to sit down and play with it. But with my mom passing away a few months ago I have this overwhelming urge to surround myself with everything and anything that reminds me of her. She was a master seamstress and the person I owe all my craftiness to.  Each time I pull out my scissors and hear the cutting of fabric I think of her. Seeing a pile of fabric scraps and strings on my studio floor gives me a happy heart.
Combining fabric and my other obsession right now, 1950’s fashion and craft I came up with some new pieces that I hope you love as much as I do. I love the idea of combining my painted pieces with the fabric. To me it symbolizes this history of craft in my family.
Thank you mom, for filling my childhood with the sound of sewing machines, smells of starch and for all the hours of hunting for a lost needle. I promise to never complain about it again and to give my daughter as many as of the same memories as possible.