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A Gleeful Arts Festival

Happy Wednesday, friends!
Today has been an exciting one, we received the first samples of our upcoming apparel line! There is just no better place to launch our new line than among the massive celebration of excited creators and innovators in the Tulsa arts community! Our new line is encouraging, colorful, and inspiring for women of all ages.

 I am incredibly thrilled to announce the Gleeful Peacock Apparel Line will make its first appearance at The Blue Dome Arts Festival this month! 

Look out for an Instagram contest + giveaway!
I can't wait to see you at The Blue Dome Arts Festival on May 16th -18th!

xoxo -Nikki


Coming Soon to Gleeful Peacock!

Hello all!
I am so excited to share that Gleeful Peacock will soon be offering more than handmade jewelry! When I named Gleeful Peacock, I knew I wanted the name to have room to grow. About two years ago, I began sketching up some ideas for inspirational apparel. My vision for the apparel is to be colorful, encouraging, happy and positive... everything that inspires me! I can hardly contain my excitement that this is finally becoming a reality!

Here is a sneak peak at some designs we are working on:

I also love how the apparel line is giving me the opportunity to work with other small businesses and artists. I absolutely love working with awesome creative people that add so much to the project.

Stay tuned... Gleeful Peacock Apparel Coming this May! :) 


Ashley Noelle Photography Features Our Love Story Locket

We are excited to share that Ashley Noelle Photography will feature one of our lockets, Love Story in her Mother's Day mini sessions. Ashley will be in two locations, Tulsa, Ok and Independence, KS.
Contact Ashely and schedule your mini session today!

Capture your loves and you will have a forever memory you will always treasure! 


Flash Sale: Wild Horse Necklace

Flash sale going on now through Friday, April 25th. Get your hands on our Wild Horse necklace for just $18 and even better you also get FREE shipping. I always love free shipping when I shop online. Just give us your email address and we will send you an invoice.

The Wild Horse necklace is 26 inches long. It's adorned with a hand painted pendant extended with a turquoise flower and a terra cotta feather.

Treat your self or Mother's Day is just around the corner!


We Took Over Zooey Magazine on Instagram

We are super excited to share that we took over Zooey Magazine's stream on Instagram yesterday. I am a huge fan of Zooey Magazine, I mean how can you not with all their vintage goodness? It was my dream to collaborate with them and that day has come and I was just giddy over this!

We shared our story through photos. Story telling through pictures? I'm so there! One of my favorite things.

I was laughing in this picture with Kassi from The Threaded Fox. She keeps me giggling with some hilarious stories. 

A good planner, tunes and colored pens? It starts my day off just right!

Go check us out on Zooey Magazine on Instagram!  Not just for our takeover, but for all their lovely posts! Stay tuned for some other fun collaborations we have in store! 

Enjoy your week, all you lovely souls! 



We Conquered Atlanta Market!

We conquered Atlanta market! Casey and I traveled last week to the wonderful city of Atlanta. I love the hustle of market and better yet to have Casey's constant support. Now I am looking forward to squeezing my family tight including my flock. My flock did an amazing job this week keeping every thing running strongly. Thank you for your support. I am grateful.

Here's a recap of our fun whirlwind week:

Our new Charleston necklace for this season.

Here's a sneak peek of what market looks like. It's a total of 3 tall building of wonderland.

One of the best things about market is the new friends I make. We inspire and lift each other. Such a good thing.

New friends are fantastic! This girl and I are planning some great adventures together. Can't wait!

Casey rocks another Charleston necklace. I love how she styled it. We are super excited for our new season  of pretties!

I love to wear different styles. A la southern 50's housewife!

We had a great week and feel peaceful to be back home in Oklahoma. 


Grateful for my Gleeful Peacock Family

Some special family members are missing so this photo is just not the same. 

There's some thing amazing about leaving the studio for a week and know every thing will be taken care of and things will run smoothly. I rely on my girls the same way I rely on my family. While I was away, I felt at peace and at ease to focus on my family in Utah. I appreciate the talented and dependable family that make up Gleeful Peacock. I am thankful for my flock!

Here's a few photos from our week! 

400 hand-stamped linen bags

Creation in progress.

 I relished the beautiful scenery in Utah.

Swinging makes for a perfect day!

Thank you to my Gleeful Peacock family! I appreciate you!


Team Member Spotlight: Valerie Grant

Today we are sharing about Valerie. She is part of our Gleeful Peacock flock. Not only is she a detail oriented and dedicated team member, she is a talented photographer with sharp skills. Valerie has been helping us by taking photos of our studio and products. She recently took photos of our team and she made it so fun and comfortable. It's so practical to have a in-house photographer that is on point every time.

Recently, Valerie shared about us on her site, You must check out the crisp, story-telling photos. We absolutely loved them!

We are delighted Valerie is part of our Gleeful Peacock team. She is a important part of our family!

Facebook page: Valerie Grant Visuals

Thanks, Valerie for being YOU! 


Our Interview Showcased on Explore Tulsa

We are so excited to show you our interview with Explore Tulsa. We love to share what we are about and a look behind the scenes. I love to share all the awesome talent I am surrounded with.

Loving seeing a video of us in gleeful action!

Check out our Explore Tulsa video on YouTube!


Lessons Learned Growing My Business...

Last week we did a photo shoot so that we could update our company information, as well as for a few exciting projects we have in the works. As I sat there, surrounded by amazing people that I look up to and admire, my heart swelled with gratitude.  About four and half years ago I did my first craft show. Today I have the honor of employing fourteen other people! Can you believe it?  Usually I cannot quite get my head around it all. But seeing them all in a photo really brought reality to it all for me. Each woman has an amazing story; they are strong, caring, loyal and they teach me lessons everyday. They are also all on their own journeys. Some have other small businesses that I love to support and encourage as much as I can.

The Gleeful Peacock Flock (minus a few lovely gals)

On top of all of these amazing women I get to be surrounded by, we hit 10,000 Facebook fans just the other day. The comments were amazing, encouraging and brought to tears to my eyes.  Many from people that have been a part of the journey since the beginning. Y'all are amazing. It shows me how much good and kindness is in the world.

I wanted to share a few things this journey of mine has taught me.

1 - To get more, give more. The more time I give to help other people be successful, the more success that I seem to have. The more I give of my heart, the more I am loved. The more I give of my resources, the more resources seem to come my way. The more I advice and mentoring I give, the more inspiration and energy I get.

2 - You can't stop copy cats. It is sad that within us lies an ocean of creativity, yet people choose to just replicate what is already out there. Think of all the beauty we are missing out on! But I have a motto. It's simple. Do it better, do it faster. I can't stop it, but I can keep creating and stay ahead of them all. By worrying about it, I waste my creative spark.

3 - Haters gonna hate. It sounds silly but this was the best advice I have received in a long time. With a business growing and changing, you are going to have to deal with negativity. When it comes down to it, I have realized that for the most part it is because they don't understand my journey. That is fine. It's not theirs to understand. But in the end, haters gonna hate. Follow your path, and surround yourself with people that cheer you on and believe in you.

4 - Being uncomfortable is key. This is true in so many aspects of life. When we are comfortable, we are not really growing. When I feel like I have it all under control and I know what I am doing, I tend to be looking for the next experience that will make me a novice and get me out of my comfort zone again. When I started I didn't know how to do a craft show. I had no idea how to sell to stores and I sure as heck did not know how to have a bunch of employees. But I have learned to feel most comfortable when I am uncomfortable. It has been a huge key to the growth of the business.

A sneak peek of our work space. Lots of laughter happens at this table. 

5 - You need a whole tool kit to build a business. Lets just say that maybe I am the colorful hammer. I like to push boundaries. I have Casey, who is the level. She makes sure everything is in line and organized. Each person is essential. Each one has something to bring to the project. The key is letting them use it. I often say my true skill set is delegating and finding talent. But for the most part, I believe that most people will pleasantly surprise you if given trust and encouragement.

6 - In the end, it's the relationships and the development of each of us that is most important. Long after each person moves on, I hope that their time here will teach them something. That this will be a happy memory. That they take with them more self esteem, knowledge and the belief that people are amazing. That is my greatest of all wishes.

My (Nikki) work space when I'm not in the back studio

From the bottom of the heart, thank you for appreciating what comes from my soul. It is the deepest form of acceptance I could feel. Thank you for your support as I learn these lessons. I hope that some of them were helpful to you in your journey.



East Coast Creative Blog Features Gleeful Peacock

Gleeful Peacock is featured over at East Coast Creative Blog. We are one of the sponsors for their Creating with the Stars Contest 2014. We are excited to be a guest on their site.

Monica and Jess share their passion for DIY projects and design inspiration on East Coast Creative blog. Check out their show Knock If Off, a DIY project show on the Live Well Network.

Thanks to East Coast Creative for showcasing us!

Gleeful Peacock will be on Explore Tulsa

Explore Tulsa came by to film a interview. Explore Tulsa shows the great place Tulsa is! We are super excited they will showcase our company. The Explore Tulsa team were so professional and helpful. It was fun to talk about Gleeful Peacock and my wonderful team.

 It will air beginning on Saturday, March 22nd.  We will post it also! 

Take a look on their site for a schedule.


Business Spotlight: The Threaded Fox

The Threaded Fox and I share a love for all things vintage. I enjoyed how she paired up Gleeful Peacock designs with her pretty vintage inspired clothing from The Threaded Fox. Kassi along with her husband, Jonathan own their vintage-clothing store located here in Tulsa, Ok.  
Take a peek how Kassi styled some beautiful pieces! Makes me ready for the spring! 

Kassi shows us her pretty style.

Pair up our Initial Charm necklace with a top from The Threaded Fox

This pretty top will be available soon at The Threaded Fox

I love every thing about this picture. 

We excitedly sat down with Kassi for a chat: 

Who do you look up to? 
-I definitely look up to my mom. She is the sweetest woman and I hope one day I can be as great of a mother as she is.

Do you have a motto you live by? 
-A motto I like to live by is found in the book of proverbs that says, "strength and dignity are her clothing." It is a nice reminder that true beauty only comes from within.

What are other handmade brands you love?

-Two of my favorite handmade brands are Desmond Fine Goods and Sincerely, Jaymz. Desmond Fine Goods provide the most unique designs for screen printing on quality shirts and Jayme makes the cutest scarves. 

What are your best sellers?
-We have been doing this for almost a year now and our best sellers to this day are tops that feature a peter pan collar, or any cute collar for that matter. Another great seller was our fox graphic tank, it sold out in a matter of three hours!

What's your fave thing about what you do?
-I absolutely love working along side with my husband, Jonathan. He is incredibly talented in creating our website and keeping up with all of the online aspects of the business.

Thank you, Kassi for stopping by. We enjoyed our time with you!


Radiant Orchid Flash Sale

Radiant Orchid Flash Sale! You told us you loved our flash sales so here is another one just for you. Radiant Orchid is the hot color of the season. We have designed three limited edition pieces just for this flash sale. This sale ends Monday, March 10th at noon. Please comment with your email and which piece you'd like on our Facebook page then we will send you an invoice.
Wear GLEE in the hot color of the season! 

Enjoy some thing pretty! 


Giveaway: 10,000 Fans on Facebook

We are excited to celebrate with a giveaway on Facebook. Go comment on our giveaway post that is pinned at the top of our Facebook page for a chance to win one $50 credit to our Gleeful Peacock site.

This giveaway ends March 7th so be sure to enter! 

10,000 fans! We are so thankful! 

Gleeful Peacock Facebook Page


Our Gleeful Office

When we moved into our new space, we knew we had to make the office area pretty and be surrounded by art and colors that I love. Casey and I had fun picking out our pretty things for our desks. I must be surrounded by what I love, the creativity then just flows. Here's a tour of our office. Enjoy!

This is my side of our world. I enjoy being surrounded by colorful art created by other people's talents. 

This is my accent wall above my desk area; it is filled with things I love. I like to keep notes that have been sent my way by people that have been reached through my business.

Where I found my pieces of art:
"Let Go" print is from Katie Daisy on Etsy.
The calligraphy sign is from Sentiments Studio which the artist is our very own, Casey. 
The art in the orange frame is from Little Things Studio

The "Hustle" banner is my newest addition and it makes me smile. I found it on Oh My Deer Love on Etsy. The owl cross stitch cutie was given to me by a dear friend, Julia when I opened my shop.

My pen holder is a tool caddy that used to be my stepdad's. He had it in his garage when I was growing up. I love that I have a part of him with me. I keep my favorite office supplies in it - like my absolute favorite mechanical pencils. 

Oh and many thanks to the genius who invented Command Hooks. Who agrees with me? It was perfect to hold my headphones.

This is Casey's organized side of our world. She is great at keeping her side neat and tidy. She feels it helps her be productive and efficient. I would have to agree the same applies to myself.

Her favorite piece is the picture of her husband and son. Casey loves to be surrounded by sentimental things - but there will always be a special place in her heart for her Sharpie Pens. :)

We each have this table that we meet at for our brainstorming meetings. Our meetings are fun and filled with ideas for the future of Gleeful Peacock. Casey is my sound board and I trust her 110%. 

We are excited to be in an office that is about us and what we love. That makes our space. 

Surround yourself with what you enjoy! 


Business Spotlight: Oikos Handmade

We are interrupting our Gleeful Peacock production to talk about my friend, Oikos Hhandmade. Oikos meaning tribe is located here in Oklahoma and Kimberly creates beautiful pieces that are heart warming.

I love the creations from Oikos Handmade because they are so comfortable, warming and I cannot resist the beautiful colors! Kim is a wonderful person that has become one of my dear friends. My fave crochet lovelies are the Aztec Clutch, Braided Boot Cuffs and the Cable Scarf. So pretty! Oikos Handmade is offering us a special offer!

Save 20% off your purchase and will expire February 23rd. at midnight. Use code GleefulFan at check out. Get yourself something beautiful!

Jess is one of our own here at Gleeful Peacock. She enjoys her Twisted Turban's softness and it does not itch like others. Jess also loves that it's cozy and stylish.

Rae loves the softness and all the cool colors!

A warm hat in your favorite color!

The Clutch even has a pretty lining!

We sat down with Kim for a little chat: 

Who do you look up too? 
I am a PK, a daughter, Big Sister, wife, mother, and friend. What is a PK? My Daddy
is a pastor. That means we grew up to think about how what we do affects others.
How I love people flows out of that experience. We all have influencers. My Mom is
my biggest. Any trace of craftiness fell from her tree. I learned to look at things as
possibilities. “How could we make this look like that?” Big sisters don’t just teach, they
learn. You know you are getting older when your interest lies not in getting your sister to
do things for you, but when you have found in your sister a best friend. She is also my
favorite person to model my creations. Everyone needs that person that makes them a
better person. Few who knew us before we married believed Craig and I “fit” together.
Little did or do they know it is like hand-in-glove. The time to do what I have come to
enjoy would not be possible were Craig not supportive, encouraging, and willing to
sacrifice. This shows up most when you add that we are parents. Two-year olds come
fully equipped with natural needs. We share these in ways that create the space and
time to crochet. Were it not for the addition of our Little Mister, Cohen Alan, two years
ago, I would still be working not staying at home with him. And, that would mean I would
not have had the time to take what my Mom taught me and take the risk with Oikoshandmade.

What is a motto you live by?

"We can do no great things, just small things with great love." Mother Theresa

What other hand made brands do you love?

Well, we all know my LOVE for anything Gleeful Peacock! Thru Nikki I have learned so much business wise and my favorite accessories are Gleeful Peacock all the way. A few other shops would be Rayna Jaye, her turbans are my favorite hair accessory to wear. I love JL Woodworx & Design LLC, Jay and Christina do beautiful work and are from this great state of Oklahoma too. I don't have a Better Life Bag yet but I love this company and everything they are doing thru their workers, I hope to eventually own one of their bags. I also love t-shirts...I kind of live in them, I love Desmond Fine Goods apparel. I have a sweatshirt from them and it has become my favorite. I am definitely ready to get several t-shirts for the summer. Lastly I looked everywhere for the perfect thank you cards to include in my orders and finally was able to find the perfect cards made by Casey with Sentiments Studio

What are your best sellers? 

My best sellers would have to be my turbans, Granny Square cowls and my clutches. The turbans are great for keeping your ears nice and warm without messing up your hair with a hat. The Granny Square Cowls are a favorite of mine and the color options are endless. These cowls are perfect for spring too. The Oklahoma and Aztec clutches are great for those of us who don't need a big purse. They are also great for those of you who do as you can keep the essentials all tucked away and pull it out for those quick in and out stops. Perfect for date nights too. I am working on some new designs. Also working on incorporating leather into some bags. Looking forward to releasing some new stuff soon! 

What is your favorite thing about what you do? 

My favorite thing about what I do would have to be the fact that it allows me to stay home with our son. I love being the one that gets to take care of him daily even though it is a hard job, it is one that I find very rewarding. Without him...Oikos Handmade would just be a dream. 

Thank you, Kim! We appreciate you stopping by. 

Oikos Handmade is one of my favorite places to buy pretty lovelies! 


New Tags for Us!

One of my business goals for 2014 was to create new tags for our products. That's done and they are in production already. Not only are they a fresh look, they help our production move a little smoother. It's a small change with a big impact.

Small steps lead to big things! We are onto the next goal for this year!


Coconut Oil Popcorn

Popcorn is something I like to have while watching a movie. I love the indie, Sundance Festival movies on Netflix. Over the Christmas break, I had movie marathon with Rae.

This recipe for popcorn is so easy and love the flavor the coconut oil gives it. I don't miss the butter. Ok, I may miss the butter, but it's really good.

Coconut Oil Popcorn

1/2 cup popcorn kernels
1 tbsp. coconut oil
salt to taste

I used a turn about popcorn maker. I add salt once it's done. Have you ever tried pepper in your popcorn? I have not, that's next.


Flash Sale Ends 2/5

Valentine's Day is upon us! Here are some great valentine ideas for you. Don't get caught empty handed last minute. That will do you no good. Give your someone special some GLEE!

 Love is in the air and just for you our entire site, Gleeful Peacock, is 25% off through February 5th.