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A Gleeful Studio

One of my summer projects has been to redecorate my studio space. And although it is far from being where I want it to be, I have at least half done. Yup, you guessed it only the half I took the picture of.   When I made this room into my studio it was very utility room looking. I furnished it with fold up brown tables and plastic bins.  Looking back I have no idea what I was thinking. Well I assume I wasn’t thinking. Or at least not creatively. I actually spent money on my brown tables and plastic bins! Where did my creativity and the resourcefulness go when I was planning the space? It became a place I hated to be. It felt like it was a blaring objection of who I am as a person and an artist. My studio is being redone with used and repurposed items and is now a place that inspires me. It is bringing together my tow loves of vintage and color. I actually look forward to going in here now. That is important since I now spend most of my day in here. It also serves as a representation of how far my journey has taken me. I feel that I have reawakened my senses and I will no longer allow blah items in my life. Now.. to work on the other half so I can actually take a full picture of my space and share it.  But until then I pledge to banish the blah! 

Love the artwork in my studio? 
'M.A.K.E ' letter blocks by  Little Things Studio
'Oh Darling, lets be industrious'  by Fifi du Vie