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I could never pull that off!

I can not even count how many times I hear ‘I could never pull that off’ or ‘I could never wear that’. This is usually followed by a compliment that is about as sincere as telling the mom of the uni-browed child that she has an adorable little girl. The compliment is usually something along the lines of ‘that’s great you have the confidence to wear it’. Yeah right. Isn’t this just another way to tell someone that they can not believe that you actually dressed yourself that morning and that you actually dare leave the house in the horrendous thing?

In today’s world where we buy so much from mass produced huge retailers sometimes don’t you just want to revolt? To not wear that perfectly paired outfit? To not buy into that trend that ‘they’ are telling you is ‘in’? Wear colors that make YOU happy. That YOU think look good together? I paired a maroon sweater with lime green shoes today and I am feeling quite proud of my ensemble! Is there not a little Punky Bruster in each of us, just begging to get out? Don’t you feel your inner ‘go to hell’ rebel is begging to express her or himself and tell them all that you will wear what you want?

I have to admit, even with this rant, I have a part of me that loves it when someone says ‘I could never pull that off’. It means that I was successful today in coloring outside of the lines. I managed to muster up my confidence and wear something that I liked. That I won today. I won the war against my inner high school'er that worries abut what people will think.

Becoming ourselves is a journey. The days that I wear something that others could not ‘pull off’ is another day that I am more me and less ‘them’. That in the end is a great day!

May you be your own version of a gleeful peacock today!


  1. Very well said! While I do not own or care to own anything lime green, I wouldn't put you down for wearing it no more than I'd want you to put me down for wearing my well-worn cowboy boots that have seen better days. They are old, beat up and dirty but they make me happy. =) Then of course there's that whole can of worms when ppl want to give me grief about my truck and how I don't "need" a big truck (bcuz I'm a girl). Those ppl have heard a little piece of mind from me about how (1) I pay for it and the gas so mind your business and (2) if they think I don't "need" my truck then they can feel free to haul my horses, their hay, feed, etc. Cuz you know all that would fit nice and tidy in a Honda Civic. Very economical. lol. I know... I'm ranting off subject, but point being I know how you feel. You are you. I am me. I don't fit into any category. I am my own category.

  2. I'm sure you looked adorable as always! You need to get your butt back here so that we can play!