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Hey Gleeful Peeps!

Five more days until the Giveaway O’Rama for this blog!

I have launched the Gleefully Vintage site on Etsy! Sometimes (not very often, but occasionally) I find a piece that I can not bear to paint, tear apart or funkify in anyway. When I find these gems that escape my creative grip, I will be posting them here at Check them out!

If you haven’t checked out the new zipper headbands at, check them out and let me know what you think. Is this a little too Valley Girl meets Tim Burton? I love them, but do you stylish people out there love them too?

A Gleeful Poll…

I am always looking for new ways to wear color and I love being unique. So, here are the next two colorful and unique accessories I am working on.

Would you wear…

Sweater Clips aka Sweater Guards (you know they clip to either side of your cardigan and a chain links the two, a throw back from the 50’s)
 I already rock this style!
B) Hmm.. interesting I think I might try it…
C) I am always up for a new trend and a new accessory!  
D) Nikki, are you crazy? What are you thinking?

Shoe Clips –These are not your Grandmas shoe clips!  They will of course have the Gleeful Peacock vibe and add some fun and colors to your shoes.

A) I already rock that style!
B) Hmm.. interesting I think I might try it…
C) I am always up for a new trend and a new accessory!  
D) Nikki, are you crazy? What are you thinking?

Please leave a comment for your answers!

Have a Gleeful Day!



  1. The site is looking great Nikki!!! I LOVE the zipper headbands! Great idea! Shoe clips are stellar and I would LOVE for them to come back in style! And I'm certainly open to the sweater chains...lord knows some of my sweaters don't button like they used to and that would be a great way to keep them together! Great ideas!
    Briana :)

  2. I love GleefullyVintage! I do hope you add more :) I think that sweaters clips would be super super cute too, I would so buy one! I'm not sure about shoe clips but only because I currently own 2 pairs of shoes and none of them are clip worthy at the moment, tennis shoes and one pair of flats that has a bow on it. But I'm totally in love with the sweater clip idea

  3. I would definitely start wearing sweater guards. I'm not so sure about the shoe clips, but mostly because I tend to keep it casual and wear canvas sneakers. I think shoe clips would look a little silly on a pair of TOMS. :)

  4. Thanks for the feedback.. check out my shop in next few days for my first few sets of sweater guards! Oh la la.. I am so excited!!!

  5. the zipper head bands are cute! i love the sweater clip idea :)

    share the love:

    btw three little birds is my all time favorite happy song.

  6. Love the way you incorporate the vintage look with the punky. Those sweater thingys are so cute but may need to be punked up a bit. I just saw you under a forum title where I wanted some info on combining Junk and Punk and followed it here, hearted your etsy shop (really cute)and following your blog.