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Sending Out Glee

One of my favorite moments each week with my business is when I can sit and admire a completed set of packages ready to ship out. One reason, is that I feel a sense of accomplishment. But another reason is that I get excited that each package represents to me that someone out there gets what I am doing. That the hours in the studio produce something that someone else wants to bring into their life.

I picture the person they are going to. I wonder if it is a gift or for themselves. I also doodle something on every box and package the leaves the studio. I wonder if they notice, if they think I am crazy or if it makes them smile. I wonder if the post carriers notice and if they wonder what the heck the Gleeful Peacock is. But mostly I send good thoughts with it and a wish that they will be happy when it arrives.

No one ever really says anything about my doodles. But I will keep doing it since it is my way of saying thank you and telling them my heart went into their order.

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  1. How cute are those packages?! Makes me want to order something online for a change... Lovin' those doodles and my guess is those receiving your packages enjoy the little personal touch as well :) Oh, and the new look of the site is very cheerful and full of glee - nice work!

  2. Just found your blog & etsy shop, and I am in love. Someday when DH is not in school, I shall own some pieces of your jewelry!