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Stewardship - Grow something amazing!

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Lately I have been thinking allot about the word stewardship. Wikipedia will tell you its used to describe taking care of resources, and before recent times it was regarding the person responsible for taking care of domestic affairs. It is a word that I repeat to myself often. Why? Because to me this word symbolizes what we all are. We are stewards of our lives and until our children are raised, their lives as well. Nothing has taught me more about the immortality of life, then this last year. With those feelings of immortality come a realization that you want your life to mean something. Stewardship is my something. This word reminds me that I am a steward over my family, my body, the earth and my business. The one thing I can do in this life is to grow something or if I am lucky a garden of lovely legacies.

Right now I am working to grow a confident and interesting child, a small business, a happy marriage and hopefully a really awesome Nikki by the time I am through. Hopefully someday a great garden and many other things.  Each day I am going to try and so something that contributes to the growth of these things. Some days I might do more harm then good, but I know that if in the end my goal is to be a steward over these things, that good things will happen.

How to grow something:
1 - Feed it often (with love, imagination, resouces)
2 - Give it room to grow (do not limit the posabbilites of its growth)
3 - Give it Sunlight (let it bake in positive thoughts)
4 - Harvest it (reap the rewards and enjoy your hard work, this will help you to keep growing)

Happy growing lovely folks!
<3 Nikki


  1. Hi Nikki, I gave your blog an award! Check it out! :) :)

  2. I needed to read that!!! Nikki you are amazing!! ;)