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Second time is even grander. Going to Market again.

I just completed my second Market and it was exhausting, a blast, educational and super emotional. Last go round I was in the Vintage and Handmade section. This time I was in the mix of it all. It was great to feel like my little 'ol business was next to business that spend tens of thousands for Market. A little intimidating, of course.. but it was super exciting! 

So with all these amazing businesses surrounding me, I was astonished to win Best Booth, again! That's right folks.. my booth full of re-purposed items as displays took home the prize. I am still in shock and so incredibly excited!

booth from straight on
Bringing the yellow couch seemed super extreme at the time.. especially when we where lugging it into the freight elevator. But if there was a an award for the most comfortable vendor, I would take that prize as well. Four long days at the show makes it totally worth it!

My goal was not only to display but to share some ideas with buyers on how they could display my work. I encourage picture taking and it seemed to be something the buyers really appreciated. These are the ways I came up with to display headbands. They truely are the peskiest things to display.

Headband Displays for Shows and Shops

This go round we had the new (and awesome if I do say so myself) charm bracelets. I displayed them on an old plant stand. Painted turquoise.. of course.

Colorful Charm Bracelets
my version of advertising
Now I have to admit.. it was great winning best booth two times in a row. But I hang up my hat. I am going to work on a paired down display for future shows. One that preferably does not make me rent a moving truck to transport. It was super gratifying and I fell like it was all I wanted it to be, but next go round I am simplifying. Since my goal is to do Atlanta , Vegas and New York Markets, I need to humble the displays a bit so they can be crated and shipped.

Ahh... but I had one show that it was just as it was in my head. One show that I did not comprise one little bit and my artistic soul was allowed to play freely and be crazy. A big thanks to the moving tuck, paint, a willing husband and a assistant that kept telling me I was not crazy for wanting a couch in my booth.

Now back to life and getting my orders out.

<3 Nikki


  1. And I was right! The couch looked grand!

  2. It was beautiful, congratulations!

  3. Congratulations Nkki! This is so exciting! Your booth does look fantastic. I would love to talk to you about your market experience. I'm making some new plans for my business and hopefully in a year or two...I might give it a try too!
    This is all so exciting! And yes, the couch was a great idea!

  4. Thanks for all the love! It was so worth it.. of course that is easy to say now that I have rested for a few weeks!

    Heather - I am more then delighted to help in anyway I can. Just e-mail or message me. I think your line would be amazing in the right markets!