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Painted Pine Cone Garland DIY

Photo Credit: Prairie Hive

Garlands are one of my favorite decorations.. pretty much all year round. So, I was so excited to collaborate with Prairie Hive for their Winter issue! These ladies are talented and they put out an amazing publication. If you haven't check them out, I highly recommend visiting their site.

I contacted a few of my very talented friends and we each made garlands. I am sharing a DIY on the painted pine cone garland I made. If you want instructions on the other gal ands feathered above you can find them here

Painted Pine Cone Garland: 

Items Needed:
Pine Cones
Spray Paint
Hot Glue

Step 1 – Spray paint pine cones your desired colors.  This will take a few coats and you will want to spray at an angle that gets the paint into the core of the pine code.  Allow a day to dry. 

Step 2 – Cut jute in 2” to 3” lengths. Hot glue the strips in a loop on top of the pine cones.

Step 3 – Wrap jute in a spiral around the loop and down the pine cone. Creating a cap that covers the glue from the loop. Cut the end and glue to secure.

Step 4 – Cute your just the desired length of garland plus a few feet extra. Start on one end, a foot in to allow a end to tie to an mantle or banister.  Tie the just around the loop of the first pine cone. Tie a pine cone every 6 to 8 inches and rotate colors as you please.

Now you are already to hang up your garland and feel super crafty! 

All these garlands will be for sale at Gleeful Peacock Mercantile



  1. That is great.. I love the pine cone garland.

  2. very cute! love the loop and wrap on top - I wouldn't have thought of that. :)