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The gift of lessons learned

To be honest I always felt like I was an intelligent person (thanks, Mom!), but starting a on-line business and having to learn the ropes of social networking and marketing has taught me that I have more to learn then I ever thought possible!

The best part is that I started a crafting business and we all know that crafters and artists are usually the best with helping each other out!  I have been so lucky to meet some of my own personal teachers and I have learned that I can learn something form everyone. One person may teach me a new craft, another a new helpful website, or I may learn a better way with interacting with customers by watching them at a show.  No matter what I learn or how (most the time they don't know they are teaching me something), I am grateful and I come away with something I did not know before I met them.

As a way to pass it on, here are a few things I have learned recently. Please comment, and share a few things as a gift to others reading!

  • Meeting others with the same passion is the most amazing part. Focus on relationships, you never know who will talk to who, or who will end up being a vital connection. Or most important, who could be a fabulous friend in the making. 
  • Want a site that lets you manage tweeting and facebook? Visit to set up a free profile. You can mange it all and see what is being said about you! Plus you can tweet, but schedule it to send out later to reach other readers! 
  • You may already all know this... so I may show my slowness here. I just realized that you can go into any item on your Etsy shop and on the right side click 'share' button. Choose what site you want to share it one.. and there you go! I was doing the whole copy and past thing before I figured this one out! 
So your turn.. what is one thing you can pass along to fellow readers? Come on.. don't be shy.. knowledge is the best gift! 

Have a gleeful day!

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  1. hmm I have never heard of and I have never tried the 'share' button!
    One "Tip" I have is:
    Remember you are representing your craft or art. In forums, chatrooms or facebook whatever you social network site you choose, be respectful to others and don't say anything that would make someone think less of you.

    I've seen many people who have great shops, but the actual person was rude to me or to others, it's a "shopping turn off."