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New Year

It is that time when we all focus on what we want to accomplish in the upcoming year. While I have plenty I want to do in 2010, I think we should also always congratulate ourselves for what we have accomplished the year before. By always focusing on what we still need to do we set ourselves up for feeling like failures. When in relaity I bet everyone of us had great accomplishments in the last 365 days!

My accomplishments in 2009:
I lost 30 pounds (gained 10 back, but that is a matter for 2010 to address)
I started the Gleeful Peacock, even with every logical thing telling me I could fail.
I realized that I have more to learn then I ever thought possible. The whole marketing thing taught me that.
I gained 4 new priceless friends.
I learned 3 new art mediums.

So what have you accomplished?

P.S. the winner will be named later today for the give-a-way. Start window shopping, you could win any item in my shop!

1 comment:

  1. I never really thought to think back on what I've accomplished. The new year is normally about looking forward, what a good idea, I think I've accomplished a lot in 2009. I hope I accomplish even more in 2010! I love your shop and you blog. Cute blogs are my favorite and I think yours is very darn cute!