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A Year in Review - This Means Business

I can hardly believe that a year has passed since I walked out of my then job (with a few months’ notice and proper training of my replacement, of course) and started my venture of being a full time small business owner. I remember the call I made to my mom. It was her 25th wedding anniversary so the date will always stay with me. I thought it was a perfect date to pick to be an anniversary of mine as well. I remember how proud she and my step dad were. She more then him, since she always loved entrepreneurship and he was pretty scared of the whole idea. All she said was 'I don't know why you waited so long'. Thanks mom, you never doubted me. 

It took me about 18 months to take the idea of even starting a business into one that enabled me to work full time at it. I could hardly believe I had done it, and truth be told I spent many hour wondering what I did and how I could possibly make this work. But I honestly believe that if you are doing something you love that you can find a way to make it work. Plus, I had been lucky enough to be surrounded by people that never doubted me.. well at least they put on a good face and kept cheering me on! 

Well a lot has happened in the last year! Here are few of my most memorable milestones! 
 Thank you to everyone that has ordered, followed me on facebook, came to a show or left me a encouraging comment. You all rock! I love you all and I appreicate every last one of you. 

Now to se some goals for the next year.. 



  1. Congratulations on making a GO of it! You are definitely talented and have built a unique and awesome line!

  2. I can't believe it's only been a year! You're a rockstar! :)