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Harry Potter Birthday Party - Epic Level Achieved!

Harry Potter has been an obsession of Rae's for the last year. I have to admit I never read the books, but when she started reading them and showing all signs on obsession, Mik and I agreed that we could either be participants or mere spectators. Given my previous Halloween post... you guessed it. We choose to be participants and enjoy the obsession with her while we could. 

She tuned the big 10 this year. I am not sure how many more theme parties she will allow this mom to host, but we decided if this was the last we would try and go out with a bang. She wanted a Harry Potter party and this is a little glimpse into our interpretation.

When the kids arrived, they were broken into houses using a sorting hat. Yes.. we got it to talk with the help of two cell phones (one tucked into the hat) and a quick footed Mik that made a quick getaway. Yes... we are nerdy enough that that the two of us practiced this before hand and he worked on his 'sorting hat voice'.

We held the party at the park. Because Mik insisted on having a full Tri Wizard Tournament and he needed the whole park to make this happen. The Pavilion was decorated using my old school hot glue and felt tricks. We had a table for each house. On the table was house flags for them to cheer on their houses, sashes (so we didn't forget who was in what house) and a house shield ring.

 The tournament was a huge success. Mik had it all planed out, kept a board with house times and we had the kids running, chasing and hunting things for quite a while. We wore them out... which I owed the parents since I fed them so much candy and sugar!
Before the kids got to it.
I was told I was off on the colors for potions. But she agreed not to tell anyone else.
 We also had a potion class. They got to pick what their magical potion did. We heard everything from '6 lives' to 'I can run through anything'. It was a huge mess... and a huge success in the fun category.

Then there was the Honey Dukes table. Maybe this is where I went overboard. Yes I did collect all those jars just for this (but I am reusing them and will show how in a future post). We had everything from Ice Mice to Acid Pops. This kids had a great time trying everything... and it was easy to pack them up a bad as a party favor.

The most important part was the Rae confirmed that we did reach 'epic level' party status. She has a memory and Mik and I got to be kids again while we schemed and planned the whole party togehter.

Rae got a Bertie Bott's Centipede flavored bean. Yuck!
 Here is to making memories and being a part of the adventure of their childhoods! 


What is your favorite party memory? Mine was when I was 15. My mom planned a huge Halloween party for me. She even got my aunt to come and pretend to read our palms. I will never forget it. I guess those memories are what makes me want to create them for Rae. I just hope she has the same warm fuzzies when she is an adult and recalls her childhood.


  1. I love you guys! And Rae :)

    One of my most prominent birthday party memories was when my folks through a surprise party for me (9 years old?) and they were feverishly trying to get me to clean my room which I wouldn't leaving me with a messy room full of guests! But it was a blast and the only surprise party I've ever had! I'll never forget it :)

  2. When I turned 4...Mom had all the neighborhood kids outside for a great birthday! But when everyone sang the birthday song, I ran into the woods scared me!!! But my cake had a lovely statue of a girl with chains to 3 poodles she was walking and they were a keepsake!!!

    Your decor was super fab!!!

  3. Wow, you made your daughter's Birthday extra-special!
    Love the Harry Potter details :)
    Duni - new follower via TAG!