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Random facts about me and my journey

Me.. Nikki Halgren, AKA the Gleeful Peacock
Hello! I thought it was long overdue to share a few facts about myself. I think that sometimes knowing a little more about the person behind that blog, business, or product lets you see the point of view that it all stems from. So.. here is a little bit about myself. Maybe even more then you ever cared to know.
  • Born and raised in Utah. 
  • My earliest memories are watching my mom making, sewing or creating. She was crafty long before crafty was cool. I come from a long line of crafty, creative and extremely hard working women. I try to live up to that legacy on a daily basis.
  • My mom was an amazing seamstress. She made gorgeous wedding dresses, quilts and all of my clothing. 
  • I hate to sew because of the reason above.  I knew I would never be able to get to her level.
  • Moved to Tulsa a little over 5 years ago, so that my husband could attend Law School. He was a lawyer for a year.. and is now a cop. More on this later.
  • Married for almost 13 years. Marriage is dang hard work and being able to say this is a huge accomplishment for me.
  • I have a desire to seek out vintage, colorful and happy things. To surround myself with them in life is one of my missions. 
  • My dear husband lets me decorate anyway I want. So.. I do have a turquoise table and a yellow couch in my house. 
  • I collect frames, tea cups, succulents, and anything that makes my granny aged spirit happy.  I am trying not to collect furniture.. but it at times is a loosing battle.
  • I have a 10 year old daughter who is kooky, silly and scary smart. She challenges me on a daily bases in every aspect of my life. 
  • I had a tumor the size of a football when I was pregnant with my daughter. No one ever thought that either of us would make it. I have many scares to show for it, but I also have a amazingly brilliant daughter as well.
  • Rae has a tick disorder. She has amazing grace and confidence when dealing with it. She loves herself and knows she is beautiful, smart, strong and just happens to also have ticks. This is my greatest of all accomplishments.
  • I adore turquoise. I have to tell myself to stop working it. Second color love is yellow. I have to force myself to work with purple and pinks. Although I do love coral.. 
  • I have been every size from a a size 22 in women's to a 10. I usually float around a 14.. but it is a constant battle. My love of food and my desire to create all time can make this difficult. I am however working on body love. I am determined to love and accept my body.. scares, stretch marks, weight issues and all. 
  • I love to set goals, challenge myself and compete. I am super competitive with myself. This can be a downfall. 
  • I hate following trends. Always have.. always will. 
  • People think I am super social. I am in fact a homebody. The older I get the more I want to just stay home. I have to force myself to go out to events and parties. Since loosing my parents this has been even more of a issue. When I get stressed it is the worse. Working on this area of my life. 
  • I love unicorns and narwhals.
  • I invent holidays. There are just not enough of them in my opinion.
  • I always knew I was supposed to have my own business. But it scared me to pieces to admit it or pursue it. Then one day I knew it was time. It has been the most rewarding and challenging journey of my life.
  • Right now I am wondering why I am writing this and who wants to read about it.. but I will hit publish anyway and just let you read it if you wish.


  1. How fun to learn more about have been a blessing to me, and I thank God ALWAYS for you! Keep shining your beautiful light for others to see and enjoy!

    1. Oh sweet Anna Marie. I am so happy you are in my life as well! Thanks for all the kindness and support.

  2. I have always thought you were amazing! Knowing how creative you are makes me even more jealous! :)

    1. Thanks Brooke! That is so kind of you! I am sure there would be many many reason for me to be jealous of you as well!

  3. Well I read it! :) But I knew pretty much all of that anyway. haha.

  4. As a newbie, it's very nice learning new things about you. I read it. And when you post more about you, I'll read that too.

  5. Loved reading all those things about you - crazy how much we have in common!

  6. I love learning quirky new facts about people! These are great, and so relatable. Love getting to know you a little bit more!~

  7. Nichole, I just linked to your site and blog from FB. Your stuff is amazing and beautiful. I really love all of it and can't wait to browse through your website. I'm so happy for you and wish you all the best with your store opening. I love reading this too! I always thought your mom was so kind and happy. I'm so sorry for your loss. It's so hard to lose a parent. Cheryl Richins

    1. Hi Cheryl! Thanks so much for the kind words. She was a special lady. I always have great memories of your sweet family as well! Thanks for the support. - Nikki

  8. I read that I know that it is here! It is really good to hear more about you after High School. We are very similar! I am sorry about both of your parents. My Dad has been gone for 14 years this month. It is difficult to endure at times, but I have memories of him everywhere!