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Sometimes you just have to jump...

We’ve all been told that we need to “take a leap of faith” at one point in our lives or another.  For Gleeful Peacock, this has never been more true.  In business (especially small business) as you grow, you get to a point where you either have to jump, and take a risk; or you risk losing it all. 

We are growing by leaps and bounds here at the Gleeful Peacock studio!  We are about to participate in our second Zulily event (we still are pinching ourselves), and we are so honored to also be participating in the gifting to celebrities and members of the press at the Cannes Film Festival in France!  These two things alone are huge, but we are also going to the Dallas Market in June, and will be going to at least one more market later this year.  Having all of these opportunities means that we need more help!  Our little family is growing by leaps and bounds!  We now have several fantastic ladies who help paint, assemble and infuse love into our one of a kind pieces, and we also are finally going to have some admin help!

We are so excited for the many things in our future, and it’s only because of our amazing customers, shops and supporters that we are able to make this big jump to bring on more help.  It seems to hold true that when you are willing to take risks, and take those leaps of faith, you are rewarded many times over for taking those risks.  Here at Gleeful Peacock, we do things BIG.  We don’t know any other way.  We hope we can be an encouragement to others to dream big and take big risks!  I’m reminded of a quote from the movie Inception, it just seems perfect, “You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.”  It’s a nice reminder that without big dreams, you’ll always remain right where you are.  Don’t be afraid to dream big!



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    1. Thanks, Briana! I am so lucky to have so many amazing friends and a great support system! I count you as both!

  2. Cannes??????? REALLY??????? ::thud::

    1. Yup! I will be posting more on that soon! So excited!