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2011 Limited Edition Ornament

2011 Gleeful Peacock Ornament

 Since I love traditions and I even more so like creating new ones, I thought this year I would start a Gleeful Peacock tradition! This will be the first ever yearly ornament. I remember every year my mom would start months in advance making ornaments. Every year it seemed she completely changed her tree. I won't go that far, but I do like to add to my tree each year.

They come in two styles

This year it I made layered snowflakes in turquoise, sea green and white. They are hung on sweet lace ribbon and are 3" across. I think I could decorate my whole tree with them, but I will just keep one for myself. The rest are up for grabs. First come first serve. There are only 20 of them.. well 19 once I take mine out.

If you want one for your gleeful tree e-mail me at and I will get it reserved for you! They are $20 each with $2 shipping.

Now I just need to get my tree up!

<3 Nikki


  1. You got it! I will be honored for you to have one of my creations on your tree!

  2. I'm gonna need a couple of those! Can I get 2?

  3. Tanya, you sure can! e-mail or fb me and they are yours!

  4. These are absolutely beautiful! Those colors are so very gleeful. :-)