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All About You Interview

Last week I had an amazing opportunity to be on KSBI's All About You program. They had found me when I was exhibiting at The Girly Show. Not only is that show amazing, it has been the gift the just keeps giving! So a little thank you the The Girly's for putting on a amazing show for artists, is in order. Thanks!

The staff at KSBI was welcoming and so easy going. I wasn't very nervous and it just felt like friends chatting.  I was on a news show before but that was to promote Indie Emporium and not myself. It is a whole new ball game when you chat about yourself!

I am sure I could find a million things I could have done better but I will focus that I never fell on my face, went 'deer in the headlights', or started uncontrollably crying. So I will let this one go in the 'win' category.  As my girlfriends tell me, I have a tendency to be to hard on myself and I am trying to work on it. So I wont watch the video (except the one time on my phone where I could not see it very well), but here it is for you to watch it if you choose.


  1. You did great!!! Loved it! Be proud :)

  2. You are such a rock star, Nikki! And as for being hard on yourself, I can hardly imagine where you'd find room to be disappointed in the amazing person you are!