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As Promised...Black Friday Coupon Code!

Gleeful Holidays To You All!
It is that time of year when we start putting on the holiday music, pulling out all the favorite holiday decorations and starting to make our lists and check them twice. The best part is finding that perfect gift for someone on our list!

This year I am pledging to make it a handmade holiday as much as possible. I am busy working on handmade ornaments, making a cooking list and shopping all the amazing handmade artists I know! I hope that you will join me in making this a handmade holiday. By supporting a handmade artist you make a huge difference in that person’s life. I am not too sure the CEO of a big box store does a happy dance each time something gets purchased from the store. But, I can tell you from experience that each time you order or buy handmade someone out there on the other end is doing a happy dance, smiling a huge grin or feeling validated for all the hard work and time they put into making their goods. This year try and be the cause for as many happy moments as you can! I am sure you will all agree that it not only makes a difference to the artist it also makes a difference to the person on the receiving end of the gift.

So that you have a little memento from the happy dance you cause me when you order, I will be sending out a free gift with every order that uses the coupon code upon ordering.

The coupon code is good November 25th to November 28th. Hurry quick you won't want to miss out! 


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