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A do nothing kind of day..

Snuggling with our cozy socks on.

On Sunday Rae and I decided that it needed to be a lazy day. But not just any ordinary kind of lazy day. It had to be an 'Official Day of Do Nothing'. We decided that we better go to breakfast to start the day off on the right lazy note. But we of course had to go without brushing our hair or doing nay make-up. Sweats were indeed the uniform for the entire day. After breakfast we filled the day with movie watching, junk food eating and laying around and chatting. We laughed, told jokes and pretty much accomplished nothing.. which of course was accomplishing the what the day was all about.

Rules for the 'Do Nothing Day'.
(I know it seems like there should not be rules on a day like this but when Rae is involved she just can't enjoy it without rules being in place)
1- Sweats or Pj's all day.
2- No 'getting ready' for anything at all.
3- No cooking or cleaning
4- No work
5- No whining (I added that one in since dealing with whining is work for me)
6- Relaxing and fun conversation only. No talking about stressful or work related topics.
These eyes full of excitement tell me it is all worth it!
Here is to getting nothing done but doing it spectacularly! We all have a lazy day, might as well turn it into a special event. <3 Nikki


  1. It sounds like you girls got exactly what you needed! Your little feet are so cute together. :-)

  2. I love do nothing days!!
    I need those socks on my feet!