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Halloween Surprise

All three of us
Right now Rae is reading Harry Potter and is obsessed with all things Potter. She is currently on the fourth book and would be further but grounding her from leisure reading is our biggest tool the the parenting tool box. I know it seems crazy but this girl can go without video games and TV for weeks without even noticing, but take reading away (except for school assignments) and she is on task to win back her privileges and get her 'act cleaned up' as she puts it. 

Mik helped me make my robe (extra husband points for him)

So this year Rae wanted to be Herminone of course. I was super on board with this since I think she is a amazing female character for little girls. I will support her being a strong female in anyway that I can.

She was giddy with excitement about her costume. But the real surprise was that Mik and I were dressing up with her. She had absolutely no idea that we were dressing up let alone as Harry Potter characters. We decided to surprise her by picking her up from school on Halloween, fully dressed as Harry Potter and Professor Magonagal. The other kids got a kick out of our costumes and were excited to see parents dressed up when they came out of school. But the best part was when Rae saw us. She came running towards us and gave us the biggest hugs she could.
Best part.. no make up needed!

Rae was so excited and just said over and over 'Thank you so much for this experience' and 'This means so much to me!'. But best of all was when she sat in the back seat of the car with full contentment on her face just shaking her head and grinning a grin that was nothing short of pure happiness.

Rae still having fun after all the trick-or-treating

She is nine right now and I know that in just a few years her parents showing up to school fully dressed will not be the best day of her life rather it would be horrifying. Until then I will keep dressing up, snugging and soaking up every minute I have as her momma.


  1. You guys are the BEST! I can only imagine Rae's reaction! LOVE IT! And yes, kudos to Mik for helping out!

  2. HA! I was wondering when you were going to post these - It was worth the wait! Love it. Great job, Mom.

  3. More children would read if only their parents encouraged them! What a great way to instill fun and creativity! I second ChickeeBoom's comment--"Great job, Mom" and Dad!